Winter’s Bone [2010]

Something we don’t see often: a drama that seems real, that sounds and looks and feels authentic. The characters are frightening and everything seems to have an air of imminent danger around it.… Continue reading

The Social Network [2010]

Enthralling story about the creation and the fights over Facebook, today’s most influential social network. The drama and betrayal that surrounds the popular site is astounding. Aaron Sorkin does a fantastic job at… Continue reading

Io Sono L’Amore [2009]

Incredibly stylish ode to Italian beauty. Gorgeous European scenery, exquisite costumes, an impressive score by John Adams and fine performances are some of the good things this sexy yet undeniably elegant Luca Guadagnino… Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [2010]

Inventive, wildly original and just a little bit crazy, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is different to anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s Kill Bill meets Sin City meets Judd Apatow comedies meets… Continue reading


Nominees for the 68th Golden Globe Awards

The Rocky Horror Picture Show [1975]

A film in which nothing makes sense and almost every song sounds the same; The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the very definition of camp. This undoubtedly bad film is strangely fascinating and… Continue reading

The Box [2009]

This Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) flick’s main flaw (sitting atop a bunch of many other little flaws, like awful visual effects and high doses of camp and cheese) is its drastic and unpleasant… Continue reading

RED [2010]

Action comedy depicting the antics of a squad composed by several senior CIA agents. RED is actually an acronym for “Retired, Extremely Dangerous”. An ingenious concept, like Watchmen, but funny and with even… Continue reading

The Town [2010]

Part of Ben Affleck’s Bostonian saga that started three years ago with Gone Baby Gone. This time, Affleck works in front of the camera, as well as behind it. Set in Charlestown, MA,… Continue reading

Biutiful [2010]

Gripping poem on the inevitability of death, grief and love. A masterpiece and director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s best work to date. Guess his public breakup with writer Guillermo Arriaga didn’t hurt his career… Continue reading