Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [2010]

Inventive, wildly original and just a little bit crazy, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is different to anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s Kill Bill meets Sin City meets Judd Apatow comedies meets an afternoon of playing videogames. Edgar Wright crafts an extraordinary cinema/comic-book/videogame hybrid and injects it with energy and velocity. Funny, fast and, most importantly, creative, SPVTW is a mind-blowing experience. Excellent work by writer/director Wright, editors Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss and its pitch-perfect young ensemble cast.

SPVTW favors style over plot, that’s kind of a given. But fret not, the style is so fascinating, you’re not going to miss a good ol’ intricate story. A lot of the action doesn’t make any sense but, frankly, that kind of thing doesn’t really matter in films like Scott Pilgrim (if there’s even any other like it). After a while, the movie’s fast pace and over-stylized imagery may be a little tiring, though.