Catfish [2010]

Does it really matter if the events in this film actually happened or if they were deliberately staged? I guess if the end result is as intriguing and engaging as Catfish, it doesn’t.… Continue reading

Blue Valentine [2010]

You always hurt the ones you love, indeed. With the realistic and heartbreaking Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance swims against the current and shows us a couple falling out of love instead.  The film… Continue reading

Rabbit Hole [2010]

A sad film, yes, but not the sort of devastating experience I had expected. The characters are in deep pain, which they channel so beautifully, but to which I cannot relate on most… Continue reading

The King’s Speech [2010]

Make no mistake, The King’s Speech is what it is for two reasons: one, Colin Firth’s mammoth, heartbreaking performance and two, Danny Cohen’s extraordinary work behind the lens. Firth as King George VI… Continue reading

Never Let Me Go [2010]

Quietly affecting (and visually stunning) dystopian drama. A sad, sad movie, effective due to the outstanding performances it features. A solid child cast, with kids that even look strikingly similar to their adult… Continue reading

Män Som Hatar Kvinnor [2009]

This film is practically begging to be remade by David Fincher. I’m actually surprised he wasn’t approached in the first place, but seeing what Niels Arden Oplev has done, I’m satisfied. Still, it’ll… Continue reading

Unstoppable [2010]

At first, Unstoppable felt more tedious than exciting. The film simultaneously elicited two different answers from me: my mind was telling me I was getting tired of it (and of all the train… Continue reading

True Grit [2010]

Not the overwhelmingly entertaining flick I had come to expect, but it’s nonetheless a funny and hearty Western take on karma, with a decidedly old-Hollywood feel and a lush score by Carter Burwell.… Continue reading

Buried [2010]

An even more suspenseful counterpart to 127 Hours, although Buried is much more brazenly entertaining. One of the best 2010 films to slip under the radar, Buried starts off with some cool credits… Continue reading

127 Hours [2010]

I bet the writers decided to name this film 127 Hours because it actually feels like you’ve been watching it for more than 5 days. In all seriousness, this is truly difficult to… Continue reading