The Town [2010]

Part of Ben Affleck’s Bostonian saga that started three years ago with Gone Baby Gone. This time, Affleck works in front of the camera, as well as behind it. Set in Charlestown, MA, bank-robbery capital of the United States, The Town is a violent, realistic film that bears resemblance (style-wise) to other crime epics like Mystic River and The Dark Knight. Exciting film goes beyond the “forbidden” relationship between Doug (Affleck) and Claire (Rebecca Hall); their love is merely an ingredient thrown in for good dramatic measure and not what moves the plot.

Oscar-buzzy film features a strong ensemble cast, powered by Affleck, recent nominee Jeremy Renner, underrated Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively. Jon Hamm sounded like a great element among the cast, but his role (as well as his performance) is incredibly clichéd. The action sequences are so effective, that when they’re not happening, you feel their absence and the film loses a little heat. However, the final act breathes new life into it.