Låt den rätte komma in [2008]

Moody horror/romance hybrid features rich cinematography and score. Although it deserves praise for its uniqueness and for not giving in to any of the genre’s conventions, it’s incredibly slow and does what a… Continue reading

A Single Man [2009]

I bet every review out there probably says the same thing, but this film is really good-looking. I mean, it’s just ridiculously stylish. Tom Ford’s expertise in the realm of fashion translates beautifully… Continue reading

L’illusionniste [2010]

One of the three nominees this year for ‘Best Animated Feature’ at the Academy Awards, Sylvain Chomet’s L’Illusionniste is a near-silent film, partially based on filmmaker Jacques Tati. Funny, heartfelt as well as… Continue reading

Hereafter [2010]

Hereafter’s opening scene (the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami) is incredibly stunning. This is the sequence that earned the film an Oscar nomination for ‘Best Visual Effects’. There’s not much use for them in… Continue reading

Devil [2010]

Claustrophobic and riveting horror film. It comes as a surprise that M. Night Shyamalan could lately be associated with anything remotely good. Mindless (truly) fun. The score by Fernando Velázquez is another good… Continue reading

I Love You Phillip Morris [2009]

Enjoyable, romp despite the irritating presence of Jim Carrey, although his performance here is much more restrained than his usual work. I Love You Philip Morris is based on a terrific script; Ewan… Continue reading

Get Low [2009]

An exercise in subtlety (at times too subtle, if that’s possible) and expectedly slow-paced (at times too slow-paced), Get Low is heartwarming and funny. The beautiful music and the cast are the highlights:… Continue reading

Burlesque [2010]

Its cliché-laden script borrows heavily from every musical, comedy, romance and rags-to-riches tale ever put on film, but Burlesque is a nice little breather among the heavy dramas and intricate stories we saw… Continue reading

Due Date [2010]

I can’t even begin to describe how far below the standards set by The Hangover this is. A huge step down for Todd Phillips. Both Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis are excellent… Continue reading

Splice [2010]

Although it occasionally suffers from terrible dialogue, it’s still a brave and exciting sci-fi/horror hybrid (pun intended). A surprisingly touching film, Splice raises some interesting questions about ethics, the future (or present) of… Continue reading