You need to see this guy’s movie-inspired illustrations

Hello everybody! Been trying to steadily get back in the blogging groove and today I want to shine a spotlight on someone who a few hours ago I knew nothing about but is now one of my favorite artists.

His name is Ian Simmons and he’s an insanely talented illustrator. Last night I came across his work thanks to a BuzzFeed article. Starting on April 16, 2015, Ian drew a movie quote everyday for a year, and uploaded it to Imgur.

He ended up with a wonderful gallery of 365 movie quotes written out in beautiful typography with accompanying sketches of film classics and movies that surely are among his personal favorites.

After being featured in several media outlets and going viral on social media, Ian opened a shop on Etsy where he sells his gorgeous prints.

“Now my artwork adorns walls all over the world! It’s been an amazing ride that has changed my life and it’s largely because of YOU, my fellow Imgurians”, writes Simmons. “Thank you. I am eternally grateful. YOU changed my life.”

I went through all of these last night and, I have to say, I couldn’t pick a favorite. Literally, they’re all incredible and some I just couldn’t believe were hand-drawn.

I’ll include some of the drawings down here so you can get a taste of Ian’s talent, but you can check out the whole collection here or go over here to buy yourself a print (or 365).


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So, which one was your favorite?