Evolution of the film critic


I don’t really consider myself a film critic (you have to actually offer your critique on pictures, something I’ve done less and less lately), just an opinionated fan, but I couldn’t resist sharing this strip I stumbled upon today on Facebook.

It comes courtesy of Cinema Pirata, a page and blog you should definitely follow if you understand Spanish. For those of you who don’t, below I offer a handy translation of the above image.

Evolution of the film critic

8-10 years old: Wow! The Lion King is the best movie ever!

14-18 years old: Disney is garbage. Go (the) living dead!

20-25 years old: Zombies are always the same. Pulp Fiction is the best thing I’ve seen.

25-30 years old: Tarantino is overrated. Godard is the best thing I’ve seen.

35-45 years old: Godard is not bad, but Buñuel when he was just beginning is a thousand times better.

45-60 years old: Bland Western cinema. There’s nothing like Iranian and Korean cinema.

60-80 years old: Film has never had a true purpose, but movies like The Lion King are a good analogy of society.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with your age bracket? Tell me in the comments!