12 Days of Christmas Swap: Days 2 through 4

It’s been a little busy so can’t blog everyday about the presents I’ve opened from April but I’m glad to say: so far so good! 

On Day 1, I received a christmassy snowglobe. On Day 2 I opened a present that I touched and rattled and couldn’t figure out what the hell it was! 

Turns out April gathered a special kit of what I assume is her favorite restaurant, a Chinese place. The kit included a menu, chopsticks, sauces, a bunch of fortune cookies and a pen! The cookies are, of course, gone by now, but I’ll think of April whenever I write with that pen.


Day 3 brought a Christmas-themed box of Life Savers gummies, which was awesome since gummies are my favorite candy! They were delicious!


Day 4 was wrapped in the shape of candy, so I just knew something great was inside and yes, I found a white mug, personalized with my name, the drawing of a Christmas tree and some good wishes from April!


This is my favorite gift so far and I love how a relatively simple white mug can become something much more important with a little creativity.