The Holiday [2006]

I’m a sucker for a Nancy Meyers film. There’s truly not another current filmmaker that can make a romantic comedy as well as she can. Her movies are light and strikingly beautiful from top to bottom. Plus, she knows how to assemble a great cast. That’s exactly what she did with The Holiday, where Cameron Diaz is her usual bubbly self, Jack Black is (at last) tolerable and brits Jude Law and Kate Winslet are stellar, especially the latter.

Despite the fact that she has less screen-time than Diaz or Law, this is Kate Winslet’s movie. Meryl Streep for the Internet generation, Winslet is an exciting, gorgeous and supremely talented leading lady. As per usual with Meyers, the choice of music and the visuals are excellent. The Holiday has “cute” written all over it but, in this case, it’s actually a good thing.