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Scattered Frames: Buyin’ some mud for her on Spring Break

Hello friends! Welcome to the third edition of Scattered Frames. I’m still catching up with this year’s top award contenders. Here’s what I thought about four of them. Her: While I loved the… Continue reading

A few (late) musings on the 2014 Oscar nominees

Today I woke up extra early to catch the super exciting nominations announcement. I cheered, I gasped and I scratched my head at some of the names uttered by Chris Hemsworth and Academy… Continue reading

A forecast for the Oscar noms

Hello everyone! With just 24 hours to go before the announcement of the nominees for the 86th Academy Awards by Chris Hemsworth and Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs, I want to share with… Continue reading

Gravity and the necessary evil of movie marketing

Spoilers ahead   Suppose your movie is opening in a few months. Do you trust its quality and hope good word-of-mouth will slowly but surely get cinephile butts in seats, or do you… Continue reading

Blancanieves [2012]

Directed by: Pablo Berger Written by: Pablo Berger Starring: Maribel Verdú, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Macarena García, Ángela Molina, Emilio Gavira, Sergio Dorado, Josep Maria Pou, Sofía Oria, Inma Cuesta  You can forget about Charlize… Continue reading

It’s a sunny day, WordPress family!

Recently, my good friend Michael over at the marvelous It Rains…You Get Wet made me one of the lucky recipients of not one but two blogging awards: the Sunshine Award and the WordPress… Continue reading

Texting with a hipster and showing some gratitude

Hello everyone! Just wanted to do a quick post and direct you over to the awesome Filmhipster, where Chris Devine, the man responsible for my blog’s killer logo, and yours truly, hold a little… Continue reading

Feelin’ like George Clooney

OK, I’m not feeling like the actual George Clooney. Do we even know how that man feels? Probably awesome all the time from being all talented and handsome. The bastard. I’m feeling like… Continue reading

Dragon’s Loyalty: A little gratitude

Yes, I’m still alive. It was brought to my attention last night (by Nick, from The Cinematic Katzenjammer) that I hadn’t posted in a week. Had it really been that long? For that… Continue reading