Unknown [2011]

Prestige actor Liam Neeson’s career has been taking an interesting turn as of late: action star. Starting with 2008’s Taken and continuing with Jaume Collet-Serra’s Unknown, Neeson is, at 58, as believable an… Continue reading

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles [2011]

I have a love/hate relationship with apocalyptic fare such as World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles.  Love because I thoroughly enjoy watching the world being violently blown to pieces (in film, anyway). And hate… Continue reading

Presunto Culpable [2009]

Presunto Culpable is a Mexican documentary that, since its release a couple of weeks ago, has been sweeping the nation and creating all sorts of controversy. Its projection on Mexican screens was even… Continue reading

Rango [2011]

Rango has been tremendously mis-marketed. Not that I mind, but I really can’t see anyone under the age of 16 enjoying this. Its plot is much more intricate than the average animated movie… Continue reading

No Strings Attached [2011]

As we know by now, this film wound up not being Natalie Portman’s Norbit. Just wasn’t bad enough. It’s actually a pretty enjoyable sex romp, classed-up by the presence of the talented and… Continue reading

Mar Adentro [2004]

Mar Adentro is a beautifully shot and scored drama; its intensity matched with simple European charm. Now that I mention drama, Ramón Sampedro’s existence after an unfortunate diving accident is as hard a… Continue reading

Manhattan [1979]

Not a bad movie, by any means, just not my favorite type of Woody Allen film. The caricaturesque Woody makes the screen shine every time he’s in front of it, and from behind,… Continue reading

Frailty [2002]

Sloppy B-movie trying to pass as sophisticated horror. Even though its script is seriously bad and repetitive, Frailty does manage to hold your attention. Actor/director Bill Paxton offers a lackluster performance, but Matt… Continue reading

When Harry Met Sally…[1989]

You’re reading the initial credits and you see names like “Rob Reiner”, “Nora Ephron” and “Barry Sonenfeld”. With that kind of talent, you know you have a good movie before you. Even though… Continue reading

Waking Sleeping Beauty [2009]

Engrossing account of the men who saved Disney’s animation branch and brought it to a second “Golden Age” from the late-eighties to the mid-nineties (and all the drama that arose between them). Touching… Continue reading