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Thoughts After Rewatch: A Christmas Story

For some, this is the definitive Christmas movie. My favorite is Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, which I caught on NBC  a couple weeks ago and found out it still makes me… Continue reading

Thoughts After Rewatch: The Holiday

My second holiday-themed entry in Thoughts After Rewatch is the aptly named The Holiday. I can say about this film exactly what I said about Love Actually: this is one of my favorite… Continue reading

Thoughts After Rewatch: Love Actually

It’s December 26, so Christmas is officially over. However, Christmas cheer is still in the air and won’t leave us until January. The decorations are still up and there are still leftovers in… Continue reading

Thoughts After Rewatch: The Hours

The second film to get the TAR treatment is Stephen Daldry’s The Hours (2002), or Mrs. Dulloway, as it should’ve been called. Watching The Hours a year after my last viewing, I learned that this film has… Continue reading

Introducing: Thoughts After Rewatch

After the succesful introduction of Cinephile Problems just yesterday, here’s yet another new feature at this blog: Thoughts after Rewatch. How many times does our perception of a certain film or performance change… Continue reading