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The A-Team [2010]

I love it when a film comes together, especially blockbusters, which tend to underperform. This is good, old-fashioned, mindless fun. An authentic thrill ride that grabs your attention from minute one and doesn’t… Continue reading

Mother and Child [2010]

Directed by Rodrigo García (son of revered writer Gabriel García Márquez) and produced by Alejandro González Iñarritu (whose influence is evident in this film), Mother and Child explores concepts of race, adoption and,… Continue reading

Shutter Island [2010]

An enviable cast, impressive cinematography, nods to Alfred Hitchcock, and an unexpected ending (at least for me, but I tend to suck at predicting twists) compose Martin Scorsese’s latest, Shutter Island. As some… Continue reading

Going the Distance [2010]

Enjoyable (and just a little bit raunchy) romantic comedy. The best thing about Going the Distance is its charming, charismatic cast. The lead couple’s (Justin Long and Drew Barrymore) chemistry is evident, but… Continue reading

El Infierno [2010]

What better way to cope with Mexico’s harsh realities than with humor? Comedy is the only alternative for the country’s increasingly violent landscape. El Infierno’s biting satire is filled with solid performances throughout,… Continue reading

The Other Guys [2010]

The first hour is completely nonsensical but explosively funny. The dialog is terrible, but Mark Wahlberg makes it work. He’s perfect in the film. Will Ferrell fluctuates between hilarious and incredibly annoying through… Continue reading

Tron: Legacy [2010]

A neon dream. Stunning, unique visuals carry the film more than its shallow, pretentious plot can. Seriously, the visuals are so good, you won’t really care about all the things this film has… Continue reading

Schindler’s List [1993]

The most “palpable” achievement of this film is its stunning black and white cinematography by Janusz Kaminski; truly some of the finest work behind the lens I’ve ever witnessed. Schindler’s List is very… Continue reading

Easy A [2010]

A funny, witty and entertaining mess. Easy A is somewhat of a cross between Superbad and Mean Girls and, despite its pretty obvious flaws, it’s actually the best teen comedy since both of… Continue reading

The Holiday [2006]

I’m a sucker for a Nancy Meyers film. There’s truly not another current filmmaker that can make a romantic comedy as well as she can. Her movies are light and strikingly beautiful from… Continue reading