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It’s here!

In Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Oskar Schell refers to 9/11 as “the worst day”. Well, for me, today is the best day. Like I said last year, if Christmas had sex with my birthday,… Continue reading

Countdown to Oscar [Part III]

As my final post before the big day, I share with you guys another list of mine. These are my top 20 favorite performances of the past year, in alphabetical order.

Countdown to Oscar [Part II]

Don’t we all wish we could be Oscar voters and hand those trophies to the people and movies we liked the most? I know I do. Here’s my ranking of the nominees in… Continue reading

Countdown to Oscar [Part I]

As we near the most wonderful day of the year, Oscar day, I want to share with you what I consider were the finest films of 2011. I waited until just before Hollywood’s… Continue reading

Happy Oscars’ Eve! [Pt. II]

Here’s my ranking of this year’s nominees in the acting categories (and Best Picture). Not an accurate forecast of Sunday’s results, but just my appreciation for the work of this talented thespians.

Happy Oscars’ Eve! [Pt. I]

As the Academy Awards draw ever closer, and officially end the 2010 movie year, I share with you my own Top 10 with what I consider the finest achievements in film on that… Continue reading


Nominees for the 68th Golden Globe Awards