Who should be the new face of the 10-dollar bill?


Surely you’ve heard by now that a woman’s face will grace the 10-dollar bill by 2020. If not, well, I’m telling you now. (More info here.)

Although it’s going to be a while before those bills go to print, I think it’s a pretty cool thing that theย U.S. Department of the Treasury is doing.

This is a movie blog, after all, so I want to ask you this: which famous lady from film (or TV or pop culture) would you pick to be the face of your money?ย You canย bend the official rules a little and choose any woman you’d like, living or dead. She has to be American, though.


My choice is pretty obvious:



Who would you like to carry around in your wallet? Would you like to pay for lunch with Katharine Hepburn or Miley Cyrus? Tell me in the comments!