Oscartime is here!


If Christmas had sex with my birthday, the resulting child would be Oscar Day.
– me, 2011




Pacquiao vs. Mayweather? Bitch, please. I’ll take Boy vs. Bird any day!

It’s finally here! Oscar night is a few hours away and I am seriously excited for what the show will bring (a Birdman + Whiplash sweep would be perfect, thank you).

I have faith that tonight’s telecast will be one for the ages and also hope I’ll be able to win all the Oscar pools I entered. If you haven’t already, you can check out my predictions post here.

My friend Lily, who usually watches the Academy Awards with me, will probably not be able to make it because she’ll have a lot of cleaning (and barfing) to do after her birthday party last night and my boyfriend might not be able to get off work early, so my only company for the show will be some beers and snacks.

What are your (I hope less depressing) plans? Do share!

Happy Oscars!