Tijuana Does Theater

Hello everybody! I’m slowly but surely coming out of blogging hibernation and today I want to share with you a very interesting news story by Jim Hebert of the San Diego Union-Tribune about Tijuana Hace Teatro‘s (literally “Tijuana Does Theater”) very special program, “Audience School“, of which I am a proud member.


That’s me in the Maroon 5 shirt with the groovy triangles


I was interviewed by Hebert via e-mail about my experience in this enriching project, through which I’ve seen upwards of 20 plays (for free!) both in my town Tijuana and neighboring San Diego, California, including this one next Sunday (can’t wait!).

Every year (this is the fifth), several people from all ages and walks of life attend performing arts events together and then, once a month, discuss the shows seen, often with the presence of actors, directors or playwrights from those productions.

All eyes on me for a moment ;)

All eyes on me for a moment 😉

Pretty cool, huh? But enough from me. Read the story here.