Scattered Frames: Want some curry, chato?


Hello everybody! Welcome to another edition of Scattered Frames 🙂 Today I share my thoughts on two films a bit on the lighter side: one made me feel so good and the other, well, it made me laugh a lot (at it).

Here are my impressions on The Hundred-Foot Journey and Cantinflas.


The Hundred-Foot Journey: What’s with Lasse Hallström and forced, yet effective, sentimentality? This dueling-restaurant dramedy takes itself a bit too seriously and more often than not it’s completely unrealistic but I couldn’t help but eat it all up. The film is funny and entertaining, it looks amazing (the striking food porn even bests the one in Chef), and features a talented, eclectic cast, where Helen Mirren is –of course- the standout. Besides, there are worse things to look at than impossibly handsome Manish Dayal and gorgeous Charlotte Le Bon (who seems like Audrey Tautou and Paz Vega’s love child) for an hour and a half. 3.5/5


Cantinflas: “Disappointed” doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings. This film had huge potential and it got squandered among ill-advised cameos, screenplay clichés and so much cheese. The production looks cheap (but wasn’t), the jokes fall flat and only Oscar Jaenada in the titular role seems to be doing an effort. Not excruciating but definitely terrible enough for its shortcomings to be fun. Whoever chose this one to be Mexico’s entry for the Foreign Film Oscar should be fired. I have a better shot at a nomination. 2/5