Scattered Frames: The Maize Runner


I’m back, you guys!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I hadn’t produced any new content in a long while. Lately I have not been as committed to celluloid as I’ve been to my boyfriend (who’s also a huge cinephile; ain’t that the dream?) and my new job (which is thankfully about to become my old job after only a month. Yay for better opportunities!)

But enough about me and my messy schedule. Let’s talk movies! Time is still scarce around here (I’m working on it) so I’m bringing back my loyal buddy from award season: Scattered Frames.

In this edition, I share my thoughts on the pleasant Chef and the lackluster The Maze Runner.

Chef: So badly I wanted to love this film but, aside from the great food porn, this didn’t do much for me. Favreau’s Chef is pleasant, often funny and has a fantastic cast, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired and, despite qualifying as a road movie, it sort of never goes anywhere. A lot of missed opportunities and a boringly safe ending (I’d also argue that the tremendous cast is practically wasted) make this one an enjoyable but instantly forgettable experience. 3/5

The Maze Runner: Hunger Games meets Lord of the Flies meets District 9 meets an academic lecture about the different types of celery (or any other random dull thing you can think of). A few odd bits of action are thrilling but fail to last a whole sequence, much less the entire movie. I thought of referring to this as a “poorly written maze of a film”, but that would mean it poses an intellectual challenge, while it so doesn’t. Interchangeable actors, including Logan Lerman-lite, play underdeveloped characters in Runner, which makes the mistake of wasting all of its energy in setting up a sequel that will probably never get made. 2/5