Happy birthday! (and may the odds be ever in your favor)

Having turned 24 a few weeks ago, it’s my turn to welcome one of my favorite actresses to the “You’re-almost-a-quarter-of-a century-old-what-the-fuck-have-you-done-with-your-life?” club.

Yep, Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence has lived as many (or as few) years as there are hours in the day. It’s kind of overwhelming how much she’s accomplished by 24, don’t you think? But I should leave that topic for another day (or to discuss with my therapist while I weep about my Oscar-less life).

I’ve said before that I’m growing a bit tired of J-Law’s off-screen antics and (literal) pitfalls, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love her amazing work on film. I recently included her in my Top 10 actresses I’d watch in pretty much anythingย and ever since I discovered her in Guillermo Arriaga’s The Burning Plain, she’s been giving brilliant performance after brilliant performance.

So, join me in wishing Jen a happy birthday and please do share your favorite J-Law performance in the comments!