Expecto Fangirlum


OK. So you remember what I went through last year, unsuccessfully trying to get into Comic-Con. Not everything was awful (I did get a poster signed by Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and got John Leguizamo to record a greeting for this blog, which you’ll find to your right), but I did want to kill myself after I left the area and Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy popped by soon after and signed autographs and posed for pictures.

Well, Comic-Con still hates me and this year I couldn’t get in either. Got shut out of the volunteer registration and didn’t get picked in the agonizing process everyone that wants to buy a badge must go through. A friend and I wanted to get at least a taste of the experience so we crashed some of the offsite events, which weren’t even that good to begin with.

Everything had an insanely long line, or was just not worth your time, and aside from an Old Spice goodie bag and a Sin City: A Dame To Kill For poster, there were not any good freebies.

So we headed to the side of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront where many celebrities are dropped off and picked up before and after their panels at Hall H (oh, I miss you so). I’m so glad we did.

Most celebrity sightings were mere glimpses, as most of them stepped out of their limos or vans and quickly entered through a service door. A picture was out of the question.

But whatever, I got to see the gorgeous Salma Hayek (who looked legitimately sad about being whisked away and waved at the fans for a while), Oscar winner Colin Firth, critics Dave Karger and Leonard Maltin, directors Kevin Smith and Guillermo del Toro, comedienne Kristen Schaal, Zachary Quinto, Omar Epps, Channing Tatum, Kurtwood Smith, Frances Fisher, Ron Perlman and Doug Jones.

This is me, after all, so a little bad luck is to be expected, and I also had the “honor” of seeing two of the guys in my top 10 actors who irrationally annoy the shit out of me: Samuel L. Jackson and Jaden Smith (who arrived in the back of a golf cart, with a ridiculous white space-suit-thing and an even more ridiculous attempt at a mustache).

Then a pretty big security outfit started running towards the door, ahead of three vans with tinted windows. I thought: “ooh, someone big is coming”. Sadly for me, it wasn’t Meryl Streep, but the cast of The Walking Dead, which I’ve stopped watching, but I was still excited for.

Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira (my favorite), Steven Yeun (walking with the help of a cane), Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman said hello to the fans and signed a few autographs. But only McBride came actually close to my side. 

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Oh, and you just knew Norman Reedus could stay there all day greeting fans and signing stuff, but he was forcefully removed from the scene.

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Second best moment of the day came when one of my favorite actresses, Vera Farmiga, passing by on a golf cart and looking even more beautiful in person, waved at me. Nobody else recognized her (at least from the people at my sides). And there she was, saying hi to ME. I nearly peed my pants in giddy fan euphoria.

So now for the big one. You remember how earlier this week I feared I was turning into a middle-aged woman because I liked the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, that personality is currently in remission and instead arose another one I didn’t know I had in me: the 13 year-old fangirl.

“It’s Daniel. OMG, he’s so short”, said a girl close to me, as someone entered a black SUV a few meters from us. I immediately thought about Daniel Craig (and got very excited), but then the SUV moved forward, stopped for a second right in front of where me and my friend Carmen were standing. The mysterious passenger rolled down the window…

…and it was Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter in the flesh! He waved emphatically at me (OK, at all of us, whatever) and all of a sudden a previously unknown response originated in my throat and escaped my mouth: a loud, tween-girl, pathetic scream! I was embarrassed for a bit but I kept waving for a few seconds and then he drove off. It was awesome.