Meryl Streep Appreciation Day

Queen Meryl certainly doesn’t need my help in telling people of her awesomeness.

But hey, I relish every opportunity to talk about my favorite actress, and what better day to do so than on her 65th birthday (and the eve of my 24th)!

I’ve made it no secret that I idolize Meryl and think she’s always spot-on and not-at-all overrated, but there are people who think she isn’t flawless. Fools, I tell ya!

Well, one of them is Jarett Wieselman from BuzzFeed. By the way, I was kidding when I called everyone who doesn’t worship Ms. Streep like I do a fool. They’re not fools, just wrong 😉

Anyways, this Wieselman guy watched all of Meryl’s filmography (hats off to him) and ranked each and every one of her performances from “worst” to best.

He was smart enough to explain his usage of the word “worst” when it comes to the legendary actress:

“Worst” is a relative term when talking about the always-impressive Meryl Streep — on their best day, any performer would be lucky to be as good as Meryl at her worst. But actors are the first to tell you they typically have little control over the finished product, as countless elements — direction, editing, scoring — contribute to the perceived “success” of a film. Bad movies can boast great performances and wonderful films can be dragged down by awful acting. To this end, BuzzFeed focused solely on Streep’s contributions to each of the 50-plus films below and only took into account the work she did to bring these characters to life, rather than the overall quality of the films.

Click on the image below (my new desktop wallpaper, of course) to check out this very impressive look at Meryl Streep’s career in film. You’ll be surprised at Jarett’s choice for #1. I know I was.

So, what did you think of the list? Any unforgivable mistake? Which are your favorite Meryl performances? Should I just shut up about her already?