Flash Review: Edge of Tomorrow [2014]

Can we please keep Tom Cruise for 50 more years? The man still has it and it’s all on display in Edge of Tomorrow, a thoroughly satisfying and unexpectedly solid actioner. At 51, Cruise is every bit the action hero he was decades ago, his charisma unscathed by all the couch-jumping and Scientologizing (I made up a word), and his precise comedic timing resurfacing as it not so often does. He’s matched by Emily Blunt, fantastic in a different sort of role for her: a sexy, strong soldier, nicknamed “Full Metal Bitch”, that probably was great preparation for her rumored role as Selina Kyle in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While EOT does lag around the middle a bit, it’s an inventive and very fun flick, filled with sweat and dirt and blood and metal and testosterone; in other words, a near-perfect summer blockbuster.