Radio C2C: Paté de Fuá

I never share music that isn’t in some way related to film, but I am still high from watching my favorite band Paté de Fuá live for the second time this Friday. Besides, I’m kinda hopin’ that this post will somehow reach the movie gods and they’d let Paté do a movie score/soundtrack because they’d be freakin’ perfect for it.

Three Mexicans, two Argentinians and one Chilean compose Paté de Fuá, a band that identifies as Mexican and was born in its capital city.

Paté de Fuá (a latinization of paté de foie, meaning liver paté) takes different musical genres from all over the world: jazz, tango, polka, tarantella, rock, norteño, trova and even ska, among others, and creates its own crazy, multicultural and just freakin’ amazing thing.

I was early to the venue and was lucky to catch the soundcheck. They played a bit of “Vamos a Morir”, from their upcoming album “Película Muda” (Silent Movie).

Now in the main show, as the band took a tiny break to hydrate, I also took a break from singing along in ecstasy to every song and shouted “The Pulent Rag!”. Amazingly they took my request and started playing my favorite tune of theirs! Well, I don’t know if they took my request or if it was just an amazing coincidence and it was next on their setlist.

I loved seeing them live about two years ago but this last concert was even better! They all sounded perfect and after the show, the whole band autographed my CD’s and I even took pictures with bassist “Luri” Molina and vocalist/guitarist Yayo González.

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Beside their wonderful music, the lyrics (often by González and/or Guillermo Perata) are absolutely fantastic. Sorry, non-Spanish speakers, but you can still enjoy the sounds! Here are some more of my favorite tracks from this fantastic group.

So, what did you think? I hope I’ve succeeded with my Paté evangelization!