Flash Review: Cada vez nos despedimos mejor

“My father fucked my mother over, then I fucked Sara over and then a series of unfortunate events fucked us all”, narrates Mateo (Diego Luna) in Cada vez nos despedimos mejor (can be roughly translated as We Get Better at Saying Goodbye), a monologue written and directed by Alejandro Ricaño. Mateo’s tragicomic, decade-spanning love story intertwines with some of the most important events in the history of Mexico, all set to live music. Luna (Y Tu Mamá También, Elysium), dressed a lot like Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums, is absolutely magnetic and funny in his layered role. I even tuned out the car alarm blaring in the theater parking lot and the teenager loudly popping gum next to me, as well as her crazy mother, the biggest Luna fan ever. After seeing him dazzle in an adaptation of Festen a few years back, and now this, it’s clear that Diego belongs on the stage.