Scattered Frames: The Hunt for Mr. Banks


Hello everybody! Welcome to the latest edition of Scattered Frames. Today I review two wildly different films, both equally satisfying in their own way. Check out what I have to say about Jagten (a.k.a. The Hunt) and Saving Mr. Banks!



Jagten: Infuriating, heartbreaking and just fucking brilliant, Jagten has been hailed as one of the finest foreign movies the world has had the honor of seeing in recent years, and rightfully so. A misguided child with a little crush on her dad’s best friend turns into supervillain in this harrowing Danish film. Mads Mikkelsen’s performance is simply superb and he’s helped by the outstanding turns from the young Annika Wedderkopp and Lasse Fogelstrøm. 4.5/5

saving mr banks 3

Saving Mr. Banks: I’m considering getting little Mickey ears as my first tattoo, so you could infer from that statement if I’m a Disney fan or not. Mr. Banks is absolute porn for Disney buffs, so of course I’ve enjoyed it greatly. Despite the inner turmoil and rocky past of P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), this is a happy film that will put a smile on your face, dammit! It does indulge a bit on the backstory, but with a cast as fantastic as this one -Colin Farrell and a pitch-perfect Emma Thompson stand out- you won’t need a spoonful of sugar to make this one go down. It’s so great on its own. 4.5/5