Welcome to Tijuana!

I don’t normally reblog other people’s content but I couldn’t resist sharing my friend Carola’s awesome post about our hometown. Check it out and get to know a little more about the beautiful mess that is Tijuana, the city where I was born and where I write to you from. Oh, and make sure to follow her! She posts great content, including vegan recipes and gorgeous photos, all the way from Okinawa, Japan.


Hello song birds!

I am taking advantage that I have finished half of this senior year term in order to maybe BINGE post on the blog. I have been crazy busy with school, work and the gym (I know, I know… I’m always busy), and I have been away from the blog for some time.

Today, I have a very special post for you lovely souls. I will share with you my love for country and the people that always want to make their city into a better one. What country or city am I talking about? I am talking about my hometown: Tijuana, Mexico.

Courtesy of www.Rekh.tumblr.com Courtesy of http://www.Rekh.tumblr.com

Tijuana is the most northern city in the United Mexican States (yes, that’s the official name), and it’s the city where I was shaped, loved and educated. I had the amazing pleasure to spend my whole life in one of the…

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