Scattered Frames: Legos while I wait for a short term inside Fruitvale Station


Welcome to yet another edition of Scattered Frames! I’m still in my quest to catch up with all the award-buzzy films of 2013 (and a huge hit from 2014 as well). So, let’s get to my tiny reviews, shall we?

Inside Llewyn Davis: A comedy that’s more A Serious Man than The Big Lebowski but still undeniably Coen, Inside suffers from some minor pace issues, but is ultimately a highly enjoyable movie, especially if you’re a fan of the directing duo. Features a terrific central performance by Oscar Isaac, beautiful music and exquisite cinematography. Kudos to Carey Mulligan as well, who was superb (albeit underused) as Davis’s mean ex-girlfriend. 4/5


Short Term 12: A few days have passed since I saw this and I have trouble remembering much about it. While that’s maybe not a good sign, what I do remember while watching Short Term 12 was loving the naturality of the acting and the dialog, despite the clichés and lulls in the narrative. The first and last scenes were my favorite, which beautifully acted as bookends for an affecting story where Brie Larson, John Gallagher Jr., Keith Stanfield and Kaitlyn Dever render impressive performances. 3.5/5


Fruitvale Station: The murder of Oscar Grant (and countless several others) is saddening and infuriating but, honestly, I didn’t care to see him help a woman buy some fish or pick a birthday card at the store. YAWN. I know the point was to show Oscar was a good guy despite his criminal past but he wasn’t the most interesting person to follow around for a whole movie. However, Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Díaz and Octavia Spencer are very good and each have some scenes where they really get the chance to shine. 2.5/5


The Lego Movie: Everything is not exactly awesome but very, very close. A clever and funny movie, Lego suffers from a terribly schmaltzy climax that’s almost enough to destroy everything it’d built up so far. However, the humor, voice cast and yes, even social commentary, are worth checking this one out for. 3/5