Scattered Frames: Buyin’ some mud for her on Spring Break


Hello friends! Welcome to the third edition of Scattered Frames. I’m still catching up with this year’s top award contenders. Here’s what I thought about four of them.

her-movie-2013-screenshot-sulking-theodore.jpg w=1024

Her: While I loved the kooky yet believable world Spike Jonze created to set his romance in, and despite some lines of great dialog in his screenplay, I found this movie to be quite dull. It’s possible that the type of relationship like the one Theodore and Samantha have could become normal in our society and similar ones are probably happening right now, but I couldn’t suspend disbelief enough to actually buy it. Also, when she started to get all needy and insecure, I wondered “what’s the freakin’ point?3/5


Spring Breakers: This film has style to spare and is suitably entertaining, but even something as visually and aurally intoxicating as this can get a little repetitive. James Franco’s portrayal of gangsta rapper Alien never went far past caricature, but that didn’t bother me a lot as my eyes were fixed upon Vanessa Hudgens. 3/5


Mud: Definitely one of the most underrated films from earlier in the year, Mud is a very solid drama, albeit a little long for a relatively simple story. Young Tye Sheridan and the biggest actor right now, Matthew McConaughey, render stellar performances in this engrossing Southern thriller, penned and directed by Jeff Nichols. 3.5/5


Dallas Buyers Club: Despite his character being seriously under-developed, Jared Leto impresses as Rayon. I still don’t know if I support the avalanche of awards he’s gotten so far, though. But make no mistake, Matthew McConaughey absolutely owns this movie and gives a riveting performance as survivor and entrepreneur Ron Woodroof. His work is stunning but it could’ve been much more poignant were it not inside a film that’s so straightforward it’s actually kinda flat. 3.5/5