Introducing: Scattered Frames

Hi everybody! In light of my busy schedule, and with the hope of achieving not only my goal of seeing as many 2013 movies as I can before the Oscars but also my New Year’s resolution of watching more films than last year, the need for a shorter, quicker review format came up. Yes, even shorter.


So, that’s how Scattered Frames was born. Little tidbits accompanied by a simple score out of 5 that will help me say a few things about every film I and not take a lot of time to write. I’ll try to not use this format a lot since it screams lazy and hope I only use it sparingly outside the super busy award season. 

This first edition is packed! Hope you enjoy. Also, I won’t apologize for my opinion on any film, but I am sorry if this post as a whole seems too negative. I didn’t plan it that way, ha!


Captain Phillips trailer launch - video

Captain Phillips: The suspense is gripping but I wasn’t a fan of the film’s very black-and-white (literally) view of good and evil, or of its cartoonish villains. Tom Hanks is amazing in the title role, though (his last scene is masterful). While newcomer Barkhad Abdi tends to overact (chalk that up to inexperience), there are impressive flashes of raw talent there and his awards buzz is well deserved. 3/5


The Butler: The cast is very solid, but they’re almost overshadowed by the terribly corny dialog, which robs the movie of most of the impact it could’ve had. Still, the incredible performances by Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey resonate. 2.5/5


The Heat: A bit too silly at times, but also consistently funny. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock have great chemistry and are a match made in comedy heaven; the latter has been having a fantastic year. Probably the funniest 2013 film I’ve seen so far. 3.5/5


What Maisie Knew: This heartbreaking drama is a bit contrived but it still manages to make an impact. One of the most underrated films of the year, with understated, solid work from its actors and a fantastic performance by Onata Aprile, an extraordinarily gifted child actress. 3.5/5


About Time: It takes a while to get going, but once it does, it’s truly something special. Charming, moving dramedy is without a doubt one of the best films of the year. Great writing, great soundtrack and guaranteed to make you weep a little bit (or a lot, sorry). Everyone in the talented cast delivers (Tom Hollander is a bit OTT for my taste, though); the chemistry between Domnhall Gleeson and Bill Nighy is marvelous. 4/5


Don Jon: I really thought I’d love this but I so didn’t. The dialog’s terrible and every character’s unlikeable and a joke, except for Julianne Moore’s, but even she gets tiresome. The ones stuck with the worst parts -Scarlett Johansson and Tony Danza- are coincidentally the ones who render the best performances. Not impressed with Joe Gordon-Levitt’s skills as a writer/director (so far), and he didn’t wow me as an actor either (this time). Oh, and he has 0.0000% sexual chemistry with Julianne; awkward! 1/5


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