12 Days of Christmas Swap: Thank you!

This was bound to happen sooner or later: there are no more presents from April for me to open. But before I say my thank-yous and declare the 12 days of Christmas Swap 2013 officially closed (on my end), let me tell you about the last gifts I got!

On the 11th day, I opened this little bag with doggie designs that will certainly come in very handy whenever I take my dogs Oso and Loki out for a walk, or just to store their toys.


I love photography. That’s why I had to quit Tumblr cold-turkey a few years back. I could spend the whole day on there! And lately I’ve been on it again, but now in small doses.

City and landscapes are my favorites, as well as nature photography. April remembered this and, for the last day of the swap, I opened this gorgeous framed photo of some trees. I don’t know if she took it, but either way, wow. Already proudly displayed in my room 🙂


You can also check out the rest of the gifts here, here, here and here.


And that’s all, folks! I loved participating in this year’s swap, and I’m very grateful, April, for everything that came in that box! Hope all of the other participants also loved their presents and I’m looking forward to being a part of the 2014 edition. Merry Christmas!