12 Days of Christmas Swap: Days 8 through 10

One thing’s for certain: I’d never opened gifts for such a long period of time. Here we are at Day 10 and there are still presents in that box!

Check out what I was lucky to receive in the past days.

Once you reach adulthood, a bank account renders the concept of the piggy bank obsolete, but nobody said anything about an Avengers bank! That’s what I got on Day 8! You might remember I didn’t love the movie, but I love the characters, so I will proudly display this in my room, where it’ll go nicely with my newly acquired Mjolnir nightlight.


The next day I opened this funny little T-Rex that “bites” as you pull on its arm, which was a total childhood flashback, as this was just the type of toy I would’ve loved back then (and still do). This also coincided nicely with my visit to the San Diego Natural History Museum.


On Day 10, I held the smallest gift in my hand. It was square and quite heavy, and I immediately thought of this. But alas, April did not propose to me. She gave me something that was almost as cool, though. Stacked were three magic towels. In the picture you see 3 squares because they are compressed, but if you soak them in warm water for a couple minutes and then unfold them, you get something like this. Cool!