How I met Ruth

During the three years that I’ve had this here blog, I’ve met some wonderful people; many of those I consider my friends. But all those meetings had been virtual and I had yet to know a fellow blogger in “the real world”.

That changed last Tuesday. My dear friend and blogger extraordinaire Ruth Maramis from FlixChatter came over to neighbor city San Diego for Thanksgiving, so I knew we had to meet up for a cup of coffee and a chat.

She was available on Tuesday, and I was going to SD that day anyway for a Michael Bublé concert, so the timing was perfect, but leave it to the wildly unpredictable border crossing to almost ruin the whole thing!

I braved the long lines, the traffic and was a bit (ok, a lot) late to Café Terrace at Fashion Valley Mall, but Ruth was so nice and comprehensive.

She treated me to a pumpkin spice latte and we stepped outside, where we sat and talked for a short while, before she had to go meet her friend for dinner and I had to leave for the concert. 

We talked about our jobs, learning other languages, the holidays and, of course, movies! We even made a promise to organize a joint Christmas blogathon, so we’ll let you know about that once we figure out exactly what we’d like to do.

It was great meeting Ruth. She is so nice and I could’ve stayed hours there talking with her, which I’m sure we’ll do someday. We closed the night with a (poorly-lit, sorry) photo.

Hope to meet more of you guys in the near future. Maybe we should organize a gathering or something!

Have you ever met a fellow blogger “in real life”?

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