12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day 1

As some of you know, I entered the 12 Days of Christmas Swap this year. This cool activity is hosted by wastedfashion and Juanita Tortilla and consists of putting together a package of 12 wrapped items (1 gift to be open each day until Christmas) and sending it to your swap partner.

My recipient is Genevieve Ang. She’s from Singapore, lives in San Francisco and writes for Birdwristed. I’m really looking forward to her posts to see what she thought of the presents I’ve sent her!

This week, I received my gifts from April Cross. She lives in Louisiana and writes at R. Sativus.

2013-12-01 01.55.51

This is what I saw when I opened the box, a bit of Superman wrapping amidst a lot of newspaper for protection (good call there!).

2013-12-01 02.05.43

I got rid of the newspaper and found one little present that had the gift-wrap a little torn, so I thought that was a signal telling me to open it first!

2013-12-01 02.10.58

And I uncovered this:

A cute snowglobe! 🙂 Thanks, April. I love the holiday season and this shall be a nice addition to all the Christmas decorations at home!