Three candles on a chocolate and orange cake!

It’s a special day at this here blog! WordPress reminded me (since I’d forgotten; I’m the worst) that today is Committed to Celluloid‘s (formerly fernandorafael) third anniversary!


It honestly feels like just yesterday when I decided to transition from writing reviews on Flixster to opening my own blog. I’ve said it before: Mark Hobin of Fast Film Reviews was the one who inspired me to follow his steps into the blogosphere, so I’m very thankful for that.

A review of the harrowing Biutiful was my first post, and 450 more have followed it during three trips around the sun. C2C is my baby and, even though life sometimes forces me to leave it in front of the TV while I go earn the not-so-big bucks, I always come back and shower it with love.

I’ve truly enjoyed every second of this three years and I cherish every page view, visit, like and comment. I’m grateful for all the smart, talented and crazy friends I’ve made in this online corner.

So, have a drink in my honor and join me in a toast to many, many years of happy blogging!