Rush [2013]



Directed by: Ron Howard
Written by: Peter Morgan
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Alexandra Maria Lara, Olivia Wilde, Pierfrancesco Favino, Natalie Dormer, Christian McKay


Oh, look! Thor can act! 

I have to say that, before Rush, I thought Hemsworth was incredibly wooden but he has won me over with his charismatic performance in this drama directed by Ron Howard. 

Not being the biggest fan of the Aussie actor or the American director or F1 racing, I walked into Rush with very low expectations and the faintest hope that I would at least not be bored to tears by the film that many of my blogging comrades have been naming one of the best of the year, yet I was convinced I wouldn’t enjoy. 

I did, and a lot. This is the perfect “guys’ movie” of 2013, a riveting film with exhilarating action and a lot of ripe opportunities for drama that certainly do not go to waste. 

While wives Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara are very solid, it’s the boys’ show. The aforementioned Hemsworth is pretty good as cocky James Hunt but it is Daniel Brühl who carries this movie. His towering performance as Niki Lauda is poised for awards success and plays a big part in making Rush one of the finest films of the year so far.