From and Inspired By: Indiana Jones

PicMonkey Collage

Hello everybody!  Please welcome back the neglected feature From and Inspired By, in which I haven’t posted in almost a year, not because it’s such hard work (after all, it’s just posting a YouTube video and including a brief description), but because I’d forgotten about it (worst blogger ever).

This edition is special because it showcases the unforgettable Indiana Jones theme by John Williams and, as you read this and hum along, I’m with some of my friends at Disneyland! My friend Yolanda scored discount tickets so thank the universe for that!

Last time I visited Mickey’s turf was December 2012, but if it were up to me (and if I was rich) I’d be visiting the “happiest place on Earth” at least once a month. Commitments and obligations (and a not-so-fat wallet) prevent me from being there every 30 days so I have to cherish these moments.

Hope you can feel some of the joy I’m surely feeling right now when you hear this indelible theme. Who knows? Maybe as you read I’m waiting in line for Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, a must-ride in the California park!