Flash Review: The Sweet Hereafter [1997] & The Paperboy [2012]



Its pace is a little too tranquil for my taste, verging on dull, but Atom Egoyan beautifully transfers Russell Banks’ novel to the screen, expertly translating his poignant words to the language of cinema. Fantastic writing, solid acting and striking cinematography make this a worthwhile literary adaptation.

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Nasty, sweaty thriller is a good companion piece to Killer Joe, also starring Matthew McConaughey, but, even though this one also features great performances and enough pervy insanity, it just doesn’t match Joe’s engrossing storytelling or brazen shock value. Creepy, occasionally sexy and set to a wonderful soundtrack, The Paperboy isn’t great but it also didn’t deserve to be booed at Cannes. Well, maybe just John Cusack.

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