Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

Hey everybody! Fernando here. Just wanted to do a quick post to tell you, in case you haven’t noticed already, that Committed to Celluloid’s got a new look!


I finally got a logo, and it comes courtesy of the very talented Chris Devine at Filmhipster! The colors are inspired by the Mexican flag, of course, and it features two C’s facing each other (Committed to Celluloid) made out of -what else?- celluloid! I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am towards Chris for doing this for me. Thanks again, dude!

My cool new logo didn’t really go with my past black & orange theme, so I changed that one as well. This one’s got a cleaner design and looks more professional.

But, what do you think of C2C’s new look? What about the logo? The new theme? Isn’t Chris the best? Tell me in the comments!Β