Flash Review: Star Wars (Episode IV – A New Hope) [1977]

3 stars

tumblr_mg514cY36O1qe2w1uo1_500In my mind, the day when I’d eventually watch Star Wars for the first time would be a big event, a turning point. It wasn’t. I present my thoughts in a Flash Review because of time constraints, but also because I don’t have a lot to say about this film. I didn’t hate it (I had a strong feeling I would), and I definitely didn’t love it. Lucas’s biggest contribution, in my opinion, is the visually striking universe he has created, but when it comes to the actual movie, it’s a little too cheesy for my taste and, frankly, a bit boring and repetitive. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are pretty good in their roles, and Episode IV looks terrific on Blu-Ray, but in the end all I could think of was “is this what all the fuss is about?”

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