Blogger Interview: Committed to Celluloid (Shameless plug time!)

Hello, dear followers! If you got a minute, please swing by Andy’s fantastic blog, “Rorschach Reviews”, where yours truly is featured in the latest Blogger Interview! Thanks Andy for doing this 😀

Rorschach Reviews

Fernando Rafael Quintero Castañeda is the creator of Committed to Celluloid, a great little site notable for, among other things, its use of fan-made poster art.  Perhaps more significantly, however, Fernando is a completely bilingual writer hailing from Tijuana, Mexico where he writes reviews in Spanish for a local website.  Fernando is also one of my top commenters and I am very happy to have him on for a Blogger Interview.  Enjoy!

Rorschach Reviews: What is the first movie you ever remember watching?

The-Lion-King-the-lion-king-541187_1024_768Fernando Rafael: The first movie I remember watching is The Lion King. The family next door had kids around my age (about 4 at the time), so they took me to the theater. It was a fantastic experience so when I went to see it in its 3D re-release a couple years ago, all the memories came back.

RR: GREAT first movie, it remains the…

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