…and a Happy New Year!

Surprise, surprise: the world didn’t end last week (shocking), but what’s really coming to an end is the fantastic year of 2012.

It was a great year for me: I graduated, got a great job, visited Mexico City for the first time, got accepted into the LAMB, had my Kill Bill, Vol. I review published at Australian site SBS Film, was named “June’s Fan of the Month” at Movie Writing, received a myriad awards from blogs I read and enjoy and on top of that I got to meet some more great bloggers from all over the globe (or know those I’d already met a bit better), read their stuff, discuss films with them and even collaborate on a few projects.

Thanks for everything you showed me, teached me and gave me this 2012, my digital friends. Here’s to a 2013 filled with great movie chatter, fantastic cinematic achievements and lots and lots of blogging!