Thank you, Michael (aka le0pard13)!

My friend, excellent blogger Michael Alatorre from It Rains…You Get Wet has just named me one of the recipients of both the “Versatile Blogger” and “Blog of the Year 2012” awards and I’m very grateful. Check out his fantastic site to find out about the other winners and to get to know Michael a bit better. Also, follow him. NOW 😉

It Rains... You Get Wet


The Versatile Blogger Award

As I sit here on this bright and cold (for us here in L.A.) Sunday morning, suffering from my second cold in three months, feeling a bit stuffy, I am nonetheless elated. You see, Mike of MikesFilmTalk (don’t let the name fool you as he covers books, too, as this and this review attest) has most generously nominated moi for another blogging award today:

Blog of the Year 2012: My Cup Runneth Over With Stars

I say another because he previously did the same just eight days ago:

The Versatile Blogger and the Blog of the Year 2012, Merry Christmas to Me!

Well my Christmas gift is running over! I can’t think of a better way to end the year (okay, there is one more, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that). This is first Blog of the Year 2012 and my second Versatile award, but who is keeping…

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