Cinephile Problems: I’m mad as hell!

I hate dubbing. I hate to see a film not in its original language and I hate that theater chains in Mexico do it automatically when it comes to animated films and movies “for kids”. I know all they care about is making money but some of us still respect the art of film.

Frankenweenie opened last Friday here in my neck of the woods. Naturally, every theater that had it, showed it dubbed in Spanish. Hell no, I want to enjoy it like it should be enjoyed!

Only one theater in the 5th biggest city in the country was showing it in English. As much as it pained me to spend almost a day’s salary on a movie ticket (this theater has the balls to charge you triple because it has comfier, roomier seats and calls itself “VIP“, plus it’s 3D, so the ticket costs almost 4 times what a regular one does at any other theater), I really wanted to see Frankenweenie. I renewed my visa only yesterday, and it takes about a month to arrive, so crossing over to San Diego to see it was out of the question.

Before going over to the theater, though, I called and checked that the information on their website was accurate. I wanted to avoid problems, as it happened when I went to see Mirror Mirror (website said it was subtitled, turns out it was dubbed), not that that one was a big loss. An employee said that, yes, they had it subtitled, so I made the trip (it’s not 90 miles away, but it definitely isn’t close).

I said to the lady I wanted to see Frankenweenie and she said “Two tickets?”

I hate it when people just assume you’re buying two tickets.
I, for one, do not think this is sad. I love going to the theater by myself. I actually enjoy it more.

Anyhoo, back to the lady. I told her “just one”. She said “the movie’s in 3D. Would that be a problem?” I said no. “It’s subtitled, right?” “No, it’s in Spanish”, she answered.

I felt a fire of wrath burning inside me.

“Then I don’t want a ticket”, I told her, and “Could I see your manager?” She froze, and I assured her she was not my problem.

The guy came and I told him how I checked online and then actually called the establishment and an employee confirmed that the movie was subtitled, not dubbed.

I proceeded to tell him that I made the trip to the theather HE managed, specifically to see the film, AND NOW IT TURNS OUT THEY DON’T HAVE IT?!

I also told him that they shouldn’t be giving out incorrect information because, thanks to their negligence, I had lost time and money and, of top of that, I didn’t see any fucking movie.

The idiot’s words said “the schedule is subject to change” but his smug tone said “tough shit”.

And that was it. Not even an apology.

Man, I wanted to tell him off and make a scene like this one:

But then I remembered I’m a nice, well-educated man, that it would be very embarrassing and that, despite my rant, they would still show Frankenweenie in Spanish. So I came home and poured it out on my blog.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? Would you have slapped the useless theater manager? How did he end up being the manager in the first place?