Great News! :)

Hello dear followers! I try to keep my content exclusively film-related but these happy news are too good not to share. Yesterday, after weeks of pursuing it, taking thousands of tests and filling many applications, I got a fantastic job. After years of stints in coffee shops and a call center, this’ll be my first real job and the first in the field of Communication, which is something that has always captured my interest and what I studied at the University. This job couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m very close to graduating!

If you’re interested, it’s at Milenio, a huge media group that comprises TV and radio as well as print and digital media. After proving themselves a force in major cities like Monterrey and Guadalajara, they’ve just established themselves in Tijuana and I’m proud to be one of the first Milenio employees in this border city. I’ll be in charge of creating content (mostly news stories) and uploading it to the soon-to-launch Milenio Tijuana website, as well as sharing it on the main social networking sites. The people are nice, the pay and benefits are good but what I like the most (apart from the ton of things I’ll surely learn) is that, as part of my training, I’ll be going to Mexico City for four days next week! I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the capital of my country (except for its airport, when I went to Cancún and Veracruz) so this experience will be extra-special.

If you notice a lack of activity here at Committed to Celluloid in the coming days, you’ll know why that is. You may not know this, but your incredible support through almost two years of blogging, has made me a more secure, confident man. With your kind words and comments, you’ve all contributed to making me a better person, and have helped me polish the qualities that my employers saw in me, so I have all you guys to thank for this new opportunity I’ve been given. Thank you.