22 Years Young

Hello followers 🙂 Today I reach the age of 22. Instead of basking in the glory of my youth (hehe, kidding), I want to thank all of you. Since my last birthday I’ve gained friends, lost friends and reached personal goals. I’ve also watched a lot of movies and my blog, my followers and my network of film buffs have grown exponentially, so I thank you. Thanks for being here, for every like and every comment, every recommendation. You’ve made this man very happy.

I leave you with two clips from people I admire greatly, who were also born on this day: Frances McDormand (1957) and Jason Mraz (1977).

Other cool people born on June 23 are Alfred Kinsey (1894), Edward VIII (1894), Bob Fosse (1927), June Carter Cash (1929), Wilma Rudolph (1940), Randy Jackson (1956), Joss Whedon (1964), Yann Tiersen (1970), Selma Blair (1972), Joel Edgerton (1974), KT Tunstall (1975) and Duffy (1984). Who do you share a birthday with?