Meryl Streep [22-June-1949]

63 years ago, in Summit, New Jersey, Mary Louise Streep was born. Today, we know her as Meryl Streep, one of the best (if not the best) actors ever to grace the screen. She has seventeen Academy Award nominations to her name, including three victories (Best Supporting Actress for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979; Best Actress for Sophie’s Choice in 1982 and for The Iron Lady at the last ceremony), not counting the adoration of millions of fans around the world (like yours truly). She was born on June 22 and I on the 23rd. I found this out a few years ago and I always joke about it with my mom. I’ve told her that she should’ve had her C-section programmed for a day earlier so that I could be born on the same day as my favorite actress! Also, sometimes when there’s one of her movies on TV, I point at her and say “look, there’s my real mom!” It’s a mystery to me why my mother doesn’t hate her! Happy birthday, Meryl 🙂