Cinephile Problems – F is for Funny

My first guest in the new section, Cinephile Problems, is Alexander Diminiano, a.k.a. Cinemaniac. Let’s go over his troubles, shall we?

This actually happened quite recently, during an American History test.  I forget what the question was, but I remember the answer was something like “occupy Wall Street” or just the “occupy” movements in general.  So I answered “occupy Wall Street”, but I decided to put a little (bad) joke in parantheses: “Did [Michael] Douglas and [Oliver] Stone join in?”  I thought she would get this reference to the movie Wall Street (I probably could have made a better joke, had I actually SEEN the movie) because she has expressed to us several times that she is a film fan.  When I got the test back, she wrote, “?  see me”.  Instead of seeing her, I emailed her to ask her why she had marked the question wrong.  She told me that the question was correct, but making a reference to Oliver Stone’s directing and Michael Douglas’s performance would have been appropriate to put on an assessment worth far less in point value, but it wouldn’t be appropriate on an actual test.  So my cinephile problem–quite a sad one–is that I cannot express my OCFD (Obsessive Craving of Film Disorder) anywhere at anytime.  I guess I still can’t take that to my understanding, since I’ll always hold that against her.  She claims to be a film fan, but if she really was, she’d certainly understand.  🙂

Lighten up, Miss!

I, for one, think that was a good joke and his teacher (a film buff with apparently no sense of humor) should’ve known better. What say you, readers? Leave your comments and don’t forget to send your Cinephile Problems to!