Introducing: Cinephile Problems

Hello, loyal followers. Hope your Wednesday is going by smoothly. Inspired by yesterday’s events (which I’ll describe further down this post), I’m introducing a new feature for this blog: Cinephile Problems!

Everybody in this planet has problems. They vary depending on our age, our family, our environment, our lifestyle, our responsibilities and our money (or lack of it). But we all have to deal with them, that’s something all humans have in common. But there’s a certain kind of problem that only affects us, those who live and breathe film. The latest indie darling isn’t coming to a theater near you? Your friends’ idea of a good movie is something with Adam Sandler in it? That super-expensive Blu-Ray didn’t come with any special features? Cinephile Problems is a place for me and all of you to vent our movie-related issues, those little (or big) things that bug us to no end while “normal” people couldn’t care less.

If you want to share your cinephile problem, send me an email to and I’ll share it here! Who knows? Maybe we’ve all gone through the same thing. I’m sure you’ll find some empathy here. Read more after the jump.

Now, to kick things off, let me tell you about yesterday. Blockbuster was a sort of temple for me and I visited at least once a week. This was a place that put thousands of movies at my disposal, after all. When I was in high school, I rented movies like crazy but the responsibilities of university, particularly this (my last) semester, kept me from visiting my Mecca. Yesterday, I was ready to make my triumphant return. Besides, on Tuesdays, rentals cost 15 pesos (about 1.25 dollars). School isn’t quite over yet, so I thought it’d be wise to rent “only” 5 movies instead of 8 or 10. I rented Haywire, Young Adult, La Piel Que Habito, The Muppets and Finding Neverland. I exited Blockbuster, very happy with my selections. I got on the bus and headed to school to see some friends when I noticed something strange. Where was the Blockbuster bag? Oh right, I LEFT IT IN THE BUS. I called the company and the lady asked me if I knew the bus number and I told her I didn’t (who notices that, anyway?) I gave her my name and number and she said they’d contact me if the movies turned up (they didn’t). I didn’t get to watch any movies and, worst of all, I’ll have to pay Blockbuster for the 5 movies I lost 😦 These are my cinephile problems.