Let’s Go To The Movies!

The Diary of a Film Cricket is a blog I subscribed to recently. Its writer, David Neary (@deusexcinema), is hosting the Twitter-based movie questionnaire known as #MTOS (Movie Talk On Sunday) this Sunday, March 25  at 8:00pm GMT. I don’t think I’ll be able to join the discussion so I wanted to take Sunday’s #MTOS questions and answer them for you guys. Hope to hear about your experiences, as well.

1. What is your favourite cinema/movie theater in the world? Why?

I live in Tijuana, Mexico and the cinemas here are average, chain movie theaters; nothing to get excited about. I visited the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood about a year ago and loved it. So, until now, that’s my favorite movie theater. I would also love to watch a movie at Grauman’s Chinese.

2. What is your earliest memory of going to the movies?

I was about four years old, and my neighbors took me to watch The Lion King.

3. All things considered, are you happier out at the movies or watching one in the comfort of your own home?

I think it depends on the occasion, and the movie. Each of those has its pros and cons. I like going to the movie theater because watching a film there is like this great ritual, but sometimes the other people in the room are obnoxious, or the smell and sound of food is too overwhelming or the screen is too dark or the sound is bad; those things can kill the experience. I think I prefer watching at home. Maybe I won’t have company, but I can pause the movie (that’s great if you have a short attention span, like me), eat whatever I want, wear whatever I want, pee whenever I want.

4. Movie food! What do you like? What do you hate? What do you wish they sold in the lobby?

My friends look at me like I’m insane  when I say I’m not crazy about popcorn. But I don’t hate it. I don’t hate any movie-theater food, just the prices. I like that some cinemas in here sell beer or sushi. I’ve never actually bought any of those things at the theater, but it’s nice to know they’re there if you’d like. I rarely buy food at the movies, I feel it somehow distracts me. But I hope every movie theater sells cake. I freakin’ love cake.

5. What is the worst thing another audience member can do to ruin your movie-going experience?

Loudly asking what’s happening in the movie. Loudly explaining what’s happening in the movie. Loudly cheering for a character in the movie. Kicking the back of my seat. Arriving late and wanting to sit in the same row as me. Laughing when it’s clearly not funny. Bringing a baby or toddler to a non-family movie.

6. What is the best experience you have ever had at the movies? (note: not necessarily the best film you saw)

Probably Little Miss Sunshine. It was at a film festival, so you knew most of the crowd would know how to appreciate a good film. It was an incredibly funny experience; the whole room laughing uncontrollably. I’ll never forget how much I (and everyone else) laughed when seeing Abigail Breslin’s dance routine for the first time. Sometimes the simplest movies get the best reactions from the audience.

7. And what’s the worst experience you have ever had at the movies? (again not necessarily the worst film)

It’s a lot like my last answer. Only this time it wasn’t a charming indie dramedy, it was one of the worst movies ever, The Hangover Part II. Everyone (including the friend I went with) was laughing hysterically, but I couldn’t understand why. I don’t think I’ve ever suffered any more at the movies.

8. What is the one movie you feel everyone should see on the big screen at least once?

The Tree of Life. I had watched it in the comfort of my home but when it opened in theaters I knew I had to see Emmanuel Lubezki’s stunning cinematography on the big screen. It didn’t disappoint.

9. What movie have you only seen on the small screen that you want to see on the big screen most of all?

Citizen Kane or Psycho. I’d go nuts. No, The Godfather.

10. Congratulations, you now own a cinema! What is it called? What makes it better than other cinemas?

This is a very hard question. I have no idea how I would name it. But it’d be very “Old Hollywood” in look, feel, decoration. But very modern when it comes to image and sound. It would show old movies, new movies, American movies, foreign movies, shorts, documentaries, blockbusters, art-house. There would be a little shop where you could buy film merchandise. And the food would be good and fairly priced. Maybe a bar.